Swiss Review 4/2022

Notes from the Federal Palace Switzerland and Liechtenstein already enjoy excellent bilateral relations. An additional treaty allowing Switzerland to represent Liechtenstein’s consular interests will now cement these relations further. Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein have a lot in common. They are separated by a 41.3-kilometre border but have operated in the same economic area, or customs union, since 1924. Over 100 treaties in force currently reflect the many values that unite these congenial neighbours. The 3,758 Swiss living in Liechtenstein and the 1,713 Liechtenstein nationals living in Switzerland (in 2020) are further proof of the close ties shared by the two countries. Switzerland to represent Liechtenstein’s interests Since 2000, Switzerland has appointed an ambassador for Liechtenstein, with residence in Berne. Apart from the embassy that it opened in Berne in 1919, Liechtenstein also has diplomatic missions in Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, New York, Strasbourg, Washington and Vienna. On the basis of a treaty dating back to 1919, Switzerland represents Liechtenstein in countries where Liechtenstein does not have its own embassy. In 2021, 913 Liechtenstein nationals were registered with Swiss representations. Under the 1919 treaty, Swiss representations accept Liechtenstein passport applications, authenticate and submit certificates of marital status, and assist Liechtenstein nationals in various emergency situations. As agreed, these consular services are also provided within the parameters of the Swiss Abroad Act. Switzerland also represents Liechtenstein’s interests in relation to visas. Based on a framework agreement that came into force on 19 December 2011, Berne issues visas on behalf of its neighbour for shortterm residence (1,352 Schengen visas in 2019) and long-term residence (116 national visas; 1,468 visas in total). An additional treaty, which came into force on 1 May 2022, now also governs consular representation of Liechtenstein by Switzerland in the US, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – two neighbours moving even closer together In 1919, the embassy of Liechtenstein in Berne asked the Federal Council to start safeguarding Liechtenstein’s interests in countries where the Principality had no representation. Switzerland representing Liechtenstein’s consular interests strengthens relations between the two countries. 32