Swiss Review 4/2022

■ Individual counselling onsite in Berne or online on the topic of education in Switzerland ■ Vocational and study counselling in cooperation with a professional career counselling provider (fee-based) ■Assistance in applying for cantonal scholarship and administrative support ■ Financial help (grants/loans) from educationsuisse and private foundations The educationsuisse staff speak English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. They will be glad to help and answer questions about education in Switzerland via email, telephone, Skype or onsite in Berne. Every year, the staff of educationsuisse receive numerous inquiries from Swiss citizens abroad or from their relatives and friends in Switzerland. Most questions concern scholarship opportunities and university studies. However, educationsuisse also receives a wide variety of questions about vocational training, finding an apprenticeship, accommodation, insurance, and the language skills required. It often becomes apparent that due to the rather high cost of living in Switzerland, financing an education can be a problem, but in fact a solution can always be found. The educationsuisse service offers free advice and support in the search for suitable education or training solutions: ■ Information relating to different educational options such as university studies or vocational training ■ Information relating to specific questions regarding admission requirements, required language skills, deadlines, accommodation, insurances, etc. In Switzerland for education or training Young Swiss Abroad receive specific information on the topic of education in Switzerland. seen my Swiss relatives.” She therefore went to visit them after completing her course. But Biondi not only caught up with her extended Swiss family, but also travelled to the base in Fieschertal where the camp is due to take place. She and the team spent a weekend there preparing for the camp. AnticipaOrganisation of the Swiss Abroad SwissCommunity, Youth Service Alpenstrasse 26, 3006 Berne, Switzerland +41 31 356 61 25 educationsuisse Alpenstrasse 26 3006 Berne, Switzerland +41 31 356 61 04 Information on education and training in Switzerland is available in numerous languages. Photo: Anja Lötscher “Because I enjoyed the camps so much, I decided to become a camp leader myself.” tion was starting to build, she reports. Nevertheless, Biondi is happy not to have to take on overall responsibility for the camp yet. She is non-committal on whether she wants to be head of camp one day. “I will just do my job and gain experience.” Biondi still has a fair amount to do before the camp begins. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her part of the schedule and is looking forward to good vibes and a good group of young people. And she cannot wait to return to Switzerland. “I call it home, without ever having lived there.” 37 Swiss Review / August 2022 / No.4